The H Double O Ranch in Crockett County Texas was establlished in 1881 and has been a family operation ever since.  .


     The H Double O Ranch stretches over 5 miles along the Pecos River in West Texas and is home to some of the finest dorper sheep, as well as home to the Hoover family.  Brad and Maggie Hoover offer a mix of Cherry Mountain, Yucca Lily, and Hanna genetics while Becca, Justin, Zach, and their families offer Powell genetics.  This area of Texas has been a perfect match for the dorper breed.  

     Adding H Double O stock to your herd is a great way to improve the quality of your herd.  Results will be found in the ring or in the auction! 

Our dorpers are not cross and are not percentage.  They are 100% fullblood.

Full Blood

We are proud members of the American Dorper Sheep Breeder's Association

The herd began with the Grand Champion Ram from the Hill Country Show.  Yucca Lily and Powell genetics make up the rest of the herd. The Reserve Champion Hanna Ram was added in 2015.

Award Winning Genetics

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